ONE is an immersive sculpture centred around the heartbeat, a multi- disciplinary collaborative creation. Built through the contribution & support of like-minded yet diverse individuals, all bringing something integral to the project. Touring as a temporary installation across communities & events in the UK & Europe. Each landscape or community playing host to the 51 individual forms. Dotted within the environments, responding uniquely to each, creating inclusive sensory & performative experiences for individuals, families, friends, events & whole communities.


Human connection & the human condition is at the core of the project.

Sculptural, sonic, illuminated, immersive & interactive, the traveling artwork is made up of 51 individual sculptures, each similar yet different forms, responding with each landscape & community. A replica human heart crafted from stardust, beating at the core of each piece, pulsing light & sound of an actual heartbeat. Each individual heart starts beating, independently, building to a cacophony of pulses, chiming, slowly synchronizing into ONE strong beat.

With the intention to build a community around both in person & online, connecting through neutral spaces & offering transparent experiences for diversity to meet without hierarchy, barriers or boundaries. Fundamental to the project’s success is the contribution of many individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages, ethinicity, skills & geography.

ONE draws on each of our unique offerings & our innate similarities, with the hope to chime or find a common thread with a wide, varied & diverse audience. The forms will offer as a performance space, collaborating both with the land & community, touring Scotland in Autumn 2019/2020. With several modes to program & experience, the installation hosts the opportunity for unique experiences & collaboration with each audience, landscape, community or event.

Core to the project is accessible art for all, inclusion, low cost/ high impact, environmentally & socially driven. With a focus to work with areas & communities that are or are being culturally, socially or economically strained.

Art & the experience of creating together, can be both personally & collectively transformative, empowering, enlightening & reflective. A space for open communication & dialogue beyond boundaries of ethnicity, ability, age or difference.


The Build - its creation & conception

Imagined as a response to the present social , economical, political & environmental climate of the UK over the past 10 years, informed from over 20years experience working in direct contact with the public, in education, hospitality, music events/ festivals & from running 2 successful photography businesses for the past 5 years. A response for hope, for unity, for potential - a cathartic pipe dream born from personally difficult times, which has organically developed & been encouraged into becoming ONE.

Made possible through the collaboration of diverse artists, technologists & enthusiasts. The concept is interwoven within the construction & the build of the sculpture. Working with artists & experts across the UK.


The Experience

Immersive, interactive, & responsive; communicating with audience, participant through light & sound. The sculpture offers several ways to experience, through a range of programming modes, use of landscape & space, various performance & collaborative possibilities & the unique way that each community responds to the project.

Reciprocal & resonant in nature, an experience to tap into our core commonality & life thread -

our heartbeat.




Arts provisions for all, art as function as a fundamental necessity for well being.

Low cost, accessible, inclusive arts & music experiences to areas & communities affected by the cultural, economic, social & environmental strains of the past 10 years.

Celebrating both difference & similarities in our diverse, colourful global community.