shit at social media, good at living

 After printing hitches, & numerous full moon mishappenings & meetings, we are almost there.. the website is in infant stages yet getting there (hello!), new photography installation on their way for Kelburn Garden Party, Laird Wallace is holidaying with Mabel & I am finally about to leave. A little taster set up listening to Kelburn Garden Party playist.. sweeeet.. lets go Jeanie Bukowski

A sneak peek at the start of several projects over the coming months, all community, all-inclusive, free & accessible, positive affirmations & daftness for a better future. Build a dialogue, get active, get involved, get enthusiastic! As Emerson says 'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm' a little taster to the attached combinations. 

With the kind & patient support from Kelburn Garden Party & ITP Ltd these have been printed at 180cm by 2200cm & will be hung at Kelburn this weekend.

the photographs are taken in & around the magical, beautiful estate on early June ramblings & adventures, placed with a handful of quotes, I love & have needed or have just popped up at times in my life. All written & said by those that have the heads switched on.

'live the life you imagined' a quote also by Emerson, a well-loved part of my furnishings. lets get to it!

Enjoy the full moon .... 2 FULL MOONS ... Oh my oh my hawooo