The project is about individuals coming together to create ONE. There are many ways to get involved, as a musician, performer, dancer, film maker,visual or light artist, & to all those who believe they are not creative. We all have the ability to make things, it is the only way we evolved surely?!  

all will be commissioned, valued & thanked for their support & contribution to the whole.

heartbeat recording for website.jpg

Recording 444 heartbeats to create a sound bank for musicians to compose from.

The aim is to record 444 heartbeats from individual supporters of the project, these will be made into a sound bank set at different tones & paces, that we wish to offer to electronic artists, musicians & composers as a starting piece for a composition for the installation (444 being symbolic of universal harmony)


We shall ask the participants to lie down & listen to a piece of music while we record the heart beat. Our pulses can be altered by the time/ pace of music listened too. (Psychoacoustics) will there be different tone in heartbeats? We hope to work with Littman Digital Stethescopes & their innovative technology.

the animal one - a project of unity & hope

Drum Circles / Groups

Setting the individual pieces to react to different drum tones can allow almost a conversation in light to build up, between the individual units, the drum & drummers & the audience. 

We are looking for drum circles, groups, percussionists, individuals to come play & perform with the piece. From Celtic to Samba to African & beyond.

The light will be activated by the drum tone yet also a sound could also resonate, echo back the tone & be able to build up 'a round' affect. Giving the drummers, musicians the ability to converse sonically with the piece.


vanessa minirigs


The Bristolian based small independent & thriving nugget of a business has been kind to offer their support in donating some test minirigs to use in our prototype & also to experiment with the technical & power aspect of the set up. 

West Country born & nurtured in my early years,  missing up North a number of years it feels great to be working alongside the hearty innovative southerners & we hope supporting Minirigs back.

3D Life Prints

Avid supporters from first contact, professional, encouraging, so supportive with advice & humanitarian in their work, so very happy to be on board with Paul, Henry & the team. Excited to be featuring their new technology & hopes with medical science.

Powderhall Bronze

Again, wonderful enthusiasts & realists for the project, assisting in all manner metal & chain, sharing their ideas, knowledge & expertise. It is an honour to be working with you.


ali cleary all rights reserved to the artist

Performance/ Dance - Use of Space

We openly invite leading performance artists, theatre groups, & dancers to collaborate with the space & sound. There is also scope to use as a therapeutic space, play space, the invitation is open for all & every idea, to again allow the project to organically develop.

My personal inspirations in this field are ones I have been so moved & exhilarated by, in a rollercoaster of flowing emotions & senses in all the following's performances; Kneehigh Theatre, Wildworks Theatre, NoFit State Circus, Fuerze Bruta & Phoenix Dance Theatre.  Their expansive & explorative uses of space, light & sound & links have informed much of my hopes for spatial performance lead collaborations, each aspect, medium of the installation offers infinite possibilities.


Sonic Interpretation

We invite audio artists, electronic composers & musicians to collaborate on the sonic aspect of the installation. Bringing different expressions, interpretations & representations to & of the project. Each bringing an individuality yet using the same ‘instrument’ of the heartbeats. The collection of 444 heartbeats will be the only brief & starting point for the musician, if interested in a download, please drop us an email with your details & once the sound bank is complete we will send you a link.

The composition could lead into the slow heartbeats, the cacophony or the singular strong ONE. The brief is quite open once the file is with you.

There is also scope to collate all the heartbeats involved in the different programmings of the installation, like the hand sensor experience. To create an even larger sound bank of pulses.


Suggest your community

Would you like to see us bring ONE to you? 

Can you see one fitting into a landscape near you & do you think your community would enjoy having us for a few days? Well if that is you, please get in touch. We are just arranging the first dates & locations.

We already have 5 locations (Scotland, Yorkshire, Cornwall) confirmed across the UK, & many festivals curious on the project's development. Each location will provide a new community to work with, working ahead to be able to incorporate the local musicians, artists, community groups & theatres.

The diversity of the project means we can collaborate in all manner, a great space for meditation, yoga or thai chi, schools & community projects. 

If you have an idea or an innovative way you would like to see the project in your area please get in touch.

Faeries 2


Although the main intention of the project is to be lit from the 3d printed heart, we still invite light, projection & digital artists to contribute, On hard surfaced locations, the base of chain will be ensuring the units are safe & could be a space to use more lighting for the music event aspect. & again we lay very open to new ideas & explorations with the use of light & space.

The units will be programmed to respond to different drum beats which can be incorporated or utilised, by both light & sound artists.

Inspired by artists like Tokhiro Sato, Teamlab, James Turrell & Amon Tobin, that conjure up imagined worlds, using both basic instruments & high technology. 


We are all stardust. Cheba Collaboration

Single Unit prototype, to raise support contributors & awareness of project.

CHEBA, Bristolian graffiti artist – Resin nebula large heart created by artist.

 Creating a prototype single unit will allow us to test the technology, understand the lighting needs, experiment with the programming & hand sensors, ensure the health & safety of the structure & inform on the whole build.

As well as enabling a test piece for design specifications, the individual unit can be exhibited at festivals & events across the UK in the build-up to the launch & during crowdfund project. To be placed among ‘Perspection’ , ‘Tune in, Turn On & Drop Out’ & ‘Poetree’ free immersive installations featured at festivals across June/ July 2018.

ali cleary all rights reserved to the artist


Film/ Photography / Illustrator / 2d art collaboration – with a background in photography & film, I would like to document the whole process, initially this is something I will do within the build, yet as the project gets on the road we will work with different film makers to document & to be able to capture differing representations. Both ‘Burning Man’ festival & Norway’s northern lights festival we will work with an arts & film crew to create art while on the road, working with artists & musicians.

There is no right or wrong in an expression or art form & each as valued as the other. The accessibility of lens based medias & art materials, it can be a way to get involved. The camera is all about the decisive moment, in the words of Cartier Bresson & something that brought me to photography & the present moment. Yet, even harder to capture with our hyper awareness, due to this intimacy can mean everything & the novice can be just as good as the expert.


The website is in it's primary stages so please bear with us while we gather all the juicy information for you, this is just an aperitif !