Unchain our hearts 1st attempt - ONE - UNITY & HOPE

The ethos runs central to every aspect of the project & also down to its funding, we are hopeful that we can build a big enough community to support the project through small financial contributions, independent small business sponsor & support, all adding to the ambitious whole. Only asking for minimal funding from creative bodies in the initial stages of crowdfunding & promoting the project.

The highest pledge will be £1100 still not affordable to all, so for this we offer the kind supporter an opportunity for their heartbeat to become a part of the installation. Where possible, we will visit the contributor & record their heartbeat, while listening to their favourite piece of music. We will also ask them to nominate an individual, charity or community group in the area & record another's heartbeat, a person who wouldn't necessarily consider being able to become a part of the project. The project is about involvement, acknowledgement & communication, each voice as valued as the other.

The intention is to collect 444 heartbeat recordings to create a sound bank with, that can be composed to accompany the installation. Coincidentally I have a thing for 22's so chose 222 highest pledges which made a proposed sound bank of 444. Which happens to be the numeric symbol for universal harmony...

The pledges will go down in price to £444, £44, £11 & £4, each will offer a variety of treats & limited gifts, artwork, & music created through the process of the projects development. As well as an invitation to all our install communities on uk soil.


Supporting Small Businesses.

We are working with small, established, innovative & creative businesses to make the project a reality. It is through the enthusiasm & encouragement of some of these businesses the idea has really grown. We would like to thank 3D Life Prints, Powderhall Bronze, & Minirigs. Although the project is far from being about corporate sponsor, what we do want to promote is the innovations & outstanding craftsmenship of those we work with. 

the website is just in it's infancy, so please bear with us... much much more information to come! thank you for your patience, please get in touch otherwise!