we invite musicians, digital composers, djs, electronic artists, hobbyists & newcomers to collaborate with the project. We will offer a sound bank of heartbeats to manipulate & utilise to create a sonic/ musical piece to be performed through or with the sculpture. Your piece can be site specific, as a response to that location or to respond with. The project is open with its intention & scope so to provide certain freedom with experimentation.

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sonic aspect of installation

The original concept was born from a desire to create a sensory, visual & audio experience . Our innate primal core & the natural facility be able to synchronise our rhythm, being key influences. Imagined that the individual pieces start independently from one another, building to a cacophony of heartbeats, that slowly synchronise into one strong pulse.

This could be created in so many different expressions, manners, the project is all about individual contributions & we invite you to access the sound bank once the first 111 have been recorded to create a sonic landscape for the installation. Inline with the short brief above, however if your experimentation wanders & creates further landscapes from the seed above & would like to perform the whole composition we welcome all ideas & future collaborations, connection & new members of the community.


  • collaborations with locations & local musicians, working at base level to promote local talent & help provide arts provision & involvement in public art in community’s.

  • Invite diverse & varied artists to perform with the piece.

  • To be utilised as a sound system & immersive dance space.

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Responsive programming

4 Different modes of programming one experience is ‘Drum tone response’,

Each sculpture will be programmed to respond to different drum tones, either reciprocating the sound, light or echoed. The audience can create new ways to work with the piece. Offering musicians, performers, drum circles a space to communicate & create with both the visual & sound of the inanimate objects, sensory conversation, experimentation, imagination & performance.

library of heart

sound bank of heartbeats accessible for musicians, digital artists, electronic composers to utilise for inspiration. Each heartbeat named, with portrait & location of the individual it belongs with.