‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ - Proverb

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Art & Music hold no boundaries, an open space for experience, communication & open dialogue each as individual, valid & unique as the next. Made possible through small contributions of a diverse & united many to offer an immersive, interactive experience for thousands while touring Scotland as a free public installation.

ONE is a project to embrace those differences & our innate similarities, an opportunity for all to become involved & allow the artwork to organically grow & develop with the imaginations of new connections, collaborators, contributors, as the collective community grows around it.

Imagine 44 individual units, each made up of a large love heart made in metal, glass, wood, or acrylic. In the centre of the love heart will be a stardust resin replica human heart, each that pulse a heartbeat of light & sound. The love heart’s will each be anchored by heavy duty vertical, reclaimed chain. The individual pieces will sit within the environment separate from one another yet connected through the technology of light & sound. Resonating with each other. Each location, community, environment will offer a different way to experience the piece, as the installation responds to its location & the dynamics of the community. Becoming an audio visual immersive & inclusive experience, bringing old & new art forms & technologies together, celebrating the wonder of the present era we are living in.

We offer 4 different ways to experience, immerse & interact with the art work.

  • The pulses will start individually from each unit, subtly building into a cacophony of heartbeats that slowly synchronise as ONE strong beat, the way we coordinate & innate connect with one another, as metronomes can. The chain of the units will be touch sensored which will start this programming, allowing the audience control of their experience.

  • Hand sensors will be passed to the viewer which will allow their heart beat to be transferred into a unit & contributing to the experience of the whole audience.

  • Responsive to drum tones - the individual units will each respond to different drum tones, offering musicians & performers the opportunity to interact & communicate with the work.

  • The installation as a performance space, sound system to play through as musicians, electronic composers, dancers or dynamic art form.

This is a small idea growing bigger through others joining in & helping to make it their idea too. Like children in a playground, I am humbly asking others to join in, individually contributing to create something bigger than themselves, in whatever manner they can, be it creatively, logistically, technically or financially. It is about us all coming together as ONE. Inclusion, acceptance & understanding is central to the artwork.

An experience that can be shared across diversities, across boundaries of language & ability, that is a consequence of working together in the belief we can all bring something better to life, however big or small. Each landscape, environment, community will offer the installation a new space, dynamics, performance & collaboration. Offering free public immersive art experiences to small, rural, remote & unusual communities, with the intention to raise enough funding to tour the UK for a year & exhibit overseas giving the piece & all its collaborators an international platform. Building a global community through creating shared immersive, reciprocal, inclusive & connecting experiences. 

Mainly crowdfunded through small contributions to make up the whole. 

the website is just in it's infancy, so please bear with us... much much more information to come! thank you for your patience, please get in touch otherwise!