andyshaw sculptural commission.jpg

The commission will be between £300-£1000 for each heart, dependent on materials & needs of each design.


We invite artists, crafters, makers, innovators & inventors - of all ability & of all disciplines to imagine & design a large 3d love heart. Re-using, re-imagining, recycling materials for the design is preferred yet not essential. We ask that the wider concept of the project be considered in the design process.

We are looking for 51 large love hearts to be designed & made, for phase 4, the final phase of the artwork. Initially we have reached out to metal artists, carpenters, glass blowers, stone masons & resin makers, however we are open to applications from all & every medium.

Design specification -

  • Transparent/caged/ enclosing & emphasising the central replica human heart.

  • Each heart to be an individual artist expression of ONE.

  • Max. width 1000mm max. height 1000mm

  • Min. width 700mm min. height 700mm

  • Ave. depth 300mm to 500mm

  • small 12mm hole for threaded rod at centre top.

  • 120mm opening at central base (this is to fit the replica human heart within) & to attach to heavy duty vertical chain base.